Workshop description

Our Grundtvig workshop has been prepared as an educational challenge for both the young and senior learners and will give to all of them the opportunity to acquire new knowledge together and share their experience. All of us, irrespective of age, are confronted with the universal problem of memorizing data, information etc and have to interact in a world full of new information and challenges which for sure are different for the senior learners than for the young ones. However, no matter how old we are, we all have the very same goal: to be up-to-date with the world changing so rapidly. It has to be highlighted that a very good memory plays a crucial role in such a constantly changing environment.

Our intergenerational memory training is based on the collaboration of the senior and young learners and benefits from the learners’ diverse knowledge and skills.

During our workshop you will:

-          get to know the seven principles of supporting the human memory and have an opportunity to train the memory according to the newly introduced technique

-          find out how to memorize effectively by portioning the acquired information, by using imagination and various memory tips

-          experience one of our training sessions in the famous Łańcut - a picturesque aristocratic residence

-          participate in “thematic evenings” like for example international memory evening or regional memory evening. The last one will be celebrated at a dinner in a restaurant and gallery of antiques which are both situated “under one roof”

-          meet both senior and young learners from different European countries

-          be able to exchange your knowledge and experience with other workshop participants, teachers and workshop organizers

-          learn how to effectively organize their knowledge in order to fully exploit the memory potential

-          discover Rzeszów – a beautiful town being the capital of the south-eastern part of Poland